Friends Welcoming People In Need to Our City.

“Friends welcoming people in need to our city.”

We welcome and support those who have fled their home countries and settle here in the greater Kansas City area. We unite individuals, groups and institutions whose goal is to welcome refugees and assist them to become new Americans.


Our vision is to provide a unified platform for diverse communities to help create a welcoming environment for refugees moving to and living in the greater Kansas City area. Our approach to success is to:

  • EDUCATE community groups and organizations on the refugee settlement process at national and local levels.
  • CONNECT community groups both with local refugees and with each other.
  • SUPPORT refugees by working with local agencies and encouraging people to donate time, funds and household items.
  • DEVELOP alliances with regional and national organizations who are working towards the same vision.

Our primary goal is to walk with refugees so they become independent, secure and self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Ways in which we provide free and ongoing assistance include

  • Mentorship: visit and socialize with families to provide friendship and guidance if needed.
  • Cultural orientation: explain the “American” way.
  • In-home learning: teach English in the home to adults who cannot attend formal programs.
  • Money management: assist in developing budgets for families, credit coaching.
  • Interpreting services: find interpreters for special circumstances.
  • Job placement: assist in finding employment.
  • Emergency help: rent & utility payments once per family per year (when funds are available).
  • Monthly assistance: provide hygiene supplies until family is self-sufficient.
  • Donations: seek out donors for furniture, household goods, and clothing as necessary.
  • Clothing drives: winter wear (hats, jackets, boots), clothes, shoes.
  • Community support: direct refugees to other agencies who can provide assistance as needed.

Upcoming events are currently flagged on our Facebook page.
In the past, we have organized events to address specific needs.

Examples include:

  • Bike drives for children.
  • Refurbished computer drives for families.
  • Workshops on home-ownership.
  • Tutoring for children.

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